EAT Furniture have apartments all packaged up

7 years ago
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The New Year is a great time to freshen up your apartment by throwing out well-worn furniture pieces and replacing them with something new.
But what if you could replace everything, all at once, for a completely new start? That’s exactly what our friends at EAT Furniture have made possible. They’ve put together a range of hand-selected furniture packages to provide a complete turnkey solution – designed, delivered and professionally installed.


There are three packages to choose from – warm and bold Primrose, calming and serene Sanctuary and the Scandinavian-inspired Infinity. Each is comprised of beautifully crafted pieces and is perfect for a complete apartment replacement or for investors looking for a fuss-free way to furnish their rental property.
Each package comes with everything an apartment needs, from the living room and dining room to the bedroom. And when we say everything, we mean everything. As an example, the Primrose One Bedroom package includes:
- Entertainment Unit
- Coffee Table
- Side Table
- 3 Seat Sofa
- Throw Rug
- Decorative Cushions
- Occasional Chair
- Floor Lamp
- Smart LED 40’ TV
- Dining Table
- Dining Chairs
- Framed Prints
- Queen Bed
- Queen Mattress
- Bedside Table
- Bedside Lamp
- Strida Folding Bike


That’s right – the package includes a folding bike, another way in which EAT have focused on the needs of apartment dwellers. Purpose designed for anyone wanting a compact, convenient and highly portable bike for quick trips, the Strida Bike is ideal for urban dwellers looking to combine cycling with public transport.
The idea of replacing everything in y our apartment in one fell swoop is an appealing one, to say the least. As an antidote to the drudgery of buying and ordering the many individual furniture pieces required to fit out an entire apartment, these three contemporary packages are perfect.
EAT Furniture’s National Sales Manager, Nick Peters says, “The convenience of it seems to be the biggest selling point, but to search for, find and purchase this many items of this quality would cost far beyond the price of these packages.”
For investors, there are a number of key benefits to furnishing a rental property rather than leaving it unfurnished. These include the tax depreciation on all of the furniture, the chance to really make your property stand out from the competition, and of course the ability to charge more rent for a fully furnished apartment.


EAT Furniture have made the whole process very simple. Buyers can arrange a free consultation with EAT’s interior designer, who will help them select the right package for their space, style and floorplan. They can also customise each package to some degree to suit their needs.
As they proudly point out on their site, EAT Furniture’s core collection has been designed and created by their in-house design team, and are purpose designed for apartments, hotel rooms, display homes and commercial living spaces. Their packages are crafted from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colour palettes to suit any style.
Package prices start from $11,900 + GST and include delivery and installation.


Find more information on The Eat Furniture packages here.