Eco Apartment Tree House

9 years ago
1 minutes

Italian architect, Luciana Pia, has re-designed and re-thought modern apartment living with an eco-friendly building, pulling future concepts into the present.

The 25 residents, in Turin, Italy, are enclosed by trees, dirt, and plants - completely sustainable and clean.

There are 150 trees surrounding the building and on the roof and 50 more trees in the courtyard. The building is covered in rust-coloured steel that represent tree branches and leaves.

“When all the green is fully blooming it gives the feeling of living in a tree house...you can dream of a house or live in a dream", said Luciana Pia.

Specific trees, plants and foliage were chosen to be able to filter in the sun as it reached its peak, as well as insulate the residences. Much like an urban forest, the foliage, collectively sucks in 200,000 litres of carbon dioxide an hour.

Turin is believed to be one of the Europe's most polluted cities, so Pia's new development is a breathe of fresh air.

Pia went on to state, “one of the aims of the project is the increase of the energetic efficiency, and for this reason several integrated solutions have been adopted: continuous insulation, sun protection, heating and cooling systems which make use of the geothermal energy with heat pumps and recycling of the falling rain to water the green.”