Embrace spring with these decorating tips

4 years ago
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Spring is officially around the corner, so we can finally prepare for longer days, warmer weather and a fresher home.

With winter’s departure, there’s no better time to spruce up your interiors. From lavish flowers to more colourful patterns, we take a look at some interior ideas you can implement to celebrate the new season at home.

Elevate tables with flowers

It’s a happier time of the year, so add some floral numbers to your living rooms and kitchens. 

There is no better way to welcome in seasonal blooms than by making them centre stage at your next gathering. Try keeping the floral section to one type, so there is an element of consistency — but feel free to have different-sized containers and vases for them. 

Pair your vignette with details like woven chargers and natural linens to create texture and interest. Allow the gifts of spring to fill your home with lightness and joy.

credit: Matthew Caughy

Accessorise with a pop of colour

Matching a colour scheme to a season can really freshen up your home, making it more inviting and warm. Bring in the feeling of spring with a patch of bright blues, greens and whites.

Try grounding the space with a pop of colour from a vibrant rug. This creates a base on which to layer the rest of the room. While you’re at it, why not swap out those dark throw pillows with some more floral options. These can match your new plant life you’ve added on your tables, producing a happier atmosphere. 

credit: tlcinteriors

Mix Patterns

This can add depth and dimension to a room and is a perfect way to combine those spring mints and blue hues. While changing up the patterns throughout the area, don’t be afraid to mix shades and tones of the same colour as well.

Patterned upholstery and throw pillows are a great way to mix and match. Or place a patterned rug under the bed to contrast with a quietly-done bedspread.

credit: squarespace

Don’t forget your bedroom

You want to feel the spring season when you wake up and go to sleep. Blue is always a safe choice for this area, it evokes the feelings of calmness and serenity you need. Add in a crisp white to the bed linen to create the freshness that is synonymous with the time of year.

While you’re out choosing your new bedding, try and avoid cotton and warmer materials — the nights are only going to get hotter. 

For the best of both worlds, this organic bamboo sheet set will keep you cool in the summer months to come, but it can also warm you up on those chilly nights that still linger.

credit: Mulberry Threads

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