Essential Sound Systems For Your Apartment

8 years ago
2 minutes

Soundsystems are the key to anyone who loves entertainment. A quality sound system can be used for dinner parties, pre-drinks, and importantly, for those Sunday night Netflix sessions.

Here are the top 5 sound systems of 2015, and are all chosen with apartments in mind.

Monitor Audio R90HT1

Made out of England, these are the Range Rover of consumer sound systems. Whilst they can cost you of upward $2000aud, these sound and entertainment systems are designed to produce high quality sound through a high-quality product. Whilst there are no obvious stockers in Australia, they can be ordered through Monitor Audio’s website, and the quality is guaranteed.


Sony BDV-N7100w/N5200w

These are some quality speakers, and can be bought for a far cheaper price, especially considering the components that come with the package. Valued at around $800aud, these systems will provide you with great sound be it streaming through Spotify or Apple Music, or that latest 3D Hollywood blockbuster you’ve been dying to see! 

Yamaha YSP 3300

These are incredible, and for the space they consume, they become almost remarkable. Labelled as a digital sound projector, this sound bar, which has 16 speakers within it, as well as powerful woofers, packs a punch for its size. Ideal for small living rooms, these power-bars can be hidden and still produce amazing sound. Valued at $1,900, the Yamaha isn’t cheap, but it should fulfil all your needs.


Samsung HT-E8200


Samsung is a household name, they make anything from refrigerators to phones, and they sure don’t let it slip with sound systems. Available for around $850aud, this 3D sound system can be linked with others, so there are multi-room links, and can, like so many now, be operated with a mobile phone or tablet.