Essentials For Your New Apartment

8 years ago
2 minutes

It can seem like there are many things you need for your home to make it cosy and stylish.

Moving into an empty home can be daunting,knowing you have plenty of things to do and buy to fill your apartment space.

We tend to forget about the smaller things in life, especially when moving there’s too much to remember. 

Here’s a checklist of the absolute essentials to have on that first day of moving in.

Forget all the small bits and pieces for now, and think about the bigger picture of what is vital for those first few days. 

Use this list and it will get you through the first few days unscathed.

The Bedroom
Of course a bed and bed sheets don’t need to be listed, they're a given, but don’t forget about: 

  1. Coat Hangers
  2. A Lamp 

The Bathroom
There are hundreds of things that could be listed for a bathroom, but here are some of the things people forget they need when they first move in:

  1. Toilet Paper 
  2. Bath Mat

Living Room
The decor can come later, for now lets make sure it smells nice and is cosy. 

  1. Candle 
  2. Throws/ Blankets 


If you're privileged enough to have a laundry room then use it wisely! 

  1. Broom 
  2. Laundry detergent   

Besides all the gadgets for the cooks corner, you also need to keep this area clean, these are the essentials for any catastrophes you have in the kitchen! 

  1. All purpose cleaner and Sponge 
  2. Bin Bags

The House
Around the house, the important things are the ones that are practical and fashionable! 

  1. Welcome Mat for outside the door: don’t drag dirt and mud onto your carpet on the first day of moving in. Wipe your feed outside the door before entering the home. 
  2. Wall Hooks for jackets and keys