Feng Shui

9 years ago
2 minutes

When the excitement of securing the financing for your home purchase has worn off, it's time for you to get started on decorating the interior of your new home. Feng shui helps to keep your space organised while ensuring that you maintain a positive flow in every room of your house. These simple tips let you create feng shui without requiring you to be an expert on the subject.


Create Separate Living Spaces

Feng shui is all about maintaining positive energy, so it is important for you to define the purpose of each room in your home. Getting rid of the unnecessary additions to each room will prevent clutter while simultaneously allowing you to create a good flow. For example, televisions and computers should be kept out of the bedroom. A bedroom is meant to be a relaxing space for sleep, so these electronics have no place there.

Make Your Kitchen Welcoming

Even if you're not interested in entertaining guests, the kitchen should be a room that feels welcoming. Store utensils away to avoid making guests feel uneasy. Instead of harsh fluorescent lighting, consider soft halogen or incandescent bulbs. Organisation is a major part of feng shui, and the kitchen is the room that is most likely to get cluttered fast. Cabinets hide the mess, but it is best to start off with a clear plan for keeping your utensils, appliances and cookware neatly separated.

Keep the Living Room Open

Furniture pieces should not be arranged in a way that makes walking through your living room akin to being in a maze. Keep an open path through the room to make the entire space accessible. If you have more than one piece of furniture for sitting in the room, have these pieces face each other. This creates the feeling that people are meant to sit and socialise in the room. Keep all electronics tucked away in a cabinet to avoid cluttering up the space or taking away from the feeling of tranquility.

Creating a Home Office

You may think that feng shui is not important when it comes to your home office, but using this concept can help you stay motivated and productive when you are getting work done at home. Furniture with rounded edges helps to maintain the flow in the room. Your desk should not be against a wall. Instead, place your desk facing the door to evoke a sense of power.

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