Finally, a self-watering apartment garden

8 years ago
3 minutes

What if there was a gardening tool specifically designed for those who live in apartments? Well, you're in luck, it exists.

Glowpear has announced the release of the Glowpear Mini, an innovative, modular, self-watering planter set to revolutionize the way we grow food in urban spaces; an ideal candidate for apartment living.

Versatility: run the Mini up a wall, sit it on a bench, hang it over a balustrade, or change up the aesthetic by building it into a design of your own. 

• Self Watering: set-and-forget Glowpear self-watering technology to ensure plants are fed by how they want, when they want, regardless of your busy lifestyle. 

• Engineered for edibles: the Mini has been specifically designed with edibles in mind, setting it apart from other vertical growing solutions on the market. x

Glowpear co-founder Lloyd Fenn explains that while he was inspired to design a vertical solution for growing edibles as a result of his own attempts to grow fresh produce for his family, it was the feedback from Glowpear’s customers that ultimately informed the design and functionality of the Glowpear Mini.

“Our followers consistently share with us their love for the Urban Garden’s user friendly functionality, contemporary aesthetic, and the results they get from its self-watering system, but they also consistently tell us they want something smaller, something vertical, and that portability is essential,” Fenn explains. 

“To overcome the perceived constraints of urban spaces, the Mini needed to be even more compact than our previous releases, so we wanted to design something with the versatility to traverse every spatial option within an urban context.” 

“It is versatility that truly makes Mini unique. While the altitude-loving Mini has been specifically designed to adorn walls and balustrades, its contemporary aesthetic and clean lines make it just as comfortable taking pride of place on a kitchen bench.”

“Whatever the space, Mini can be tailored to bring it to life.” 

With a unique, modular design allowing each planter to either stand alone or be interconnected, Mr Fenn explains that the planter is the perfect solution for any space or budget because it can be conjured to evolve with your urban lifestyle. 

Whilst the Glowpear Mini has been designed with city-dwellers in mind, there’s plenty to like for both health and environmentally conscious consumers. 

Mr Fenn explains, “Mini uses less water than traditional planters because of capillary action watering, minimising evaporation and watering plants as needed.” 

“But most importantly, Mini has been engineered with sufficient planting depth to ensure great results with a range of herbs, vegetables, owners and ornamental plants.”
“Add to this Glowpear’s self-watering technology, food safe/ BPA free construction, and a super compact footprint, and you can see why Mini is the perfect solution to provide ‘pick as you go’, nutritious organic produce in your home all year round!” 

The design-registered Glowpear Mini will initially be launched on crowd funding platform Indiegogo in mid-April 2016 and will then be available globally through selected retail partners.