First impressions matter - how to make your hallway pop

8 years ago
3 minutes

Your beautiful new apartment may have come with a sizeable entryway and it would be a crying shame to leave that space unadorned.

First impressions count so why not invest some time into your entrance so as to impress your guests, and to make your arrival home that little more special every day.


There is an array of tables available to suit not just large spaces, but narrow and shallow spaces as well.

Make sure to measure the maximum width of the wall that the table will go against and ensure there is enough space in front for a door to swing open and for ease of access in general.

Table styles can vary from console to occasional table, hall table, sofa table, buffet and even entertainment unit – the name is irrelevant, it’s those overall dimensions you want!

Need a place for keys and shoes? Select something with easy to pull drawers and shelves to the floor.

Only looking to dress up the space so it doesn’t look so barren? Then opt for a table that is highly decorative perhaps made of stone, carved wood, bone inlay or in an intriguing shape that can be home to your stylised display of trinkets you want to show off.

Art & Mirrors

Don’t let that table stand alone – partner it with big art (or small art with a big frame!) or a mirror.

Not only do mirrors come in beautiful shapes and sizes, but are functional for a quick check of your outfit and look before you pop out the door! Don’t have the budget? Then find a beautiful abstract fabric with colours you love and staple over a large art canvas from the fabric store.


Not only would a decorative lamp look gorgeous on an entry table, but a suspended pendant will really up the wow factor.

Of course keep in mind any swinging doors when installing! But a carefully chosen small scale chandelier (be it glass, bead or shells) could be that glamorous touch you’re looking for.

Not into chandeliers? Then look for something simple such as a drum shade with a bold fabric, either on the inside or out.

An entry way is a great place to get super creative if you’re a little more reserved with your larger living areas – dare to be different!


A small runner beneath a console, or a large round rug centering the space would finish off the area.

Probably best to stick to flat weaves in a high traffic area, and either tie it in with the artwork colours or textures, or pare it down by mixing it in with a similar colour to the floor.


This is where you tie in all your larger pieces together so everything works cohesively.

Think vases (with or without floral arrangements), trinket boxes, stacked on decorative trays. Is there room for some small stools beneath the table?

How about a large potted plant either next to the table or a smaller one on top? Consider fake plants if you find you don't have the time, or general patience, to look afte rreal ones.

Urns, bowls, small boxes and sculptures can certainly make their appearance here as well – just adjust quantities and volume dependant on the use and function of the space, and whether you prefer a minimal look or something a little fuller.