The five best ways to achieve privacy in your apartment

3 years ago
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There are many benefits to apartment living – including living close to an array of lifestyle enhancing amenity in a stylish and functional home.

Achieving full privacy in some apartment buildings can be a challenge, particularly if the windows or balconies are inward-facing, or if your building is directly in front of another apartment building.

We have compiled a list of several things you can do to increase your privacy and give you greater peace of mind – so you can get back to embracing the many advantages of apartment living. 

Frosted film


Frosted privacy film on windows or doors allow for maximum light to enter the room, while giving you maximum privacy at night. 

Frosted film is a cost effective way to increase privacy without making any permanent changes to your home. 

Roman shades

These are classic shades that are available in many sizes, fabrics and styles, and are a nice addition to any living room or window.

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Roman shades have a timeless style that offers softness while blocking the view into your home. They are very popular as they are low cost and easy to install.

Obscure glass

This is particularly popular for the bathroom and entry doors. It comes in many patterns that can be etched, translucent or laminated. It can provide many aesthetic and practical benefits, as it is ideal for the exterior of your home to provide security and privacy.

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Image-distorting at its best, obscure glass is the perfect way to make peaking into your home a hard task.


Make sure you have a well-designed lighting system that allows you to adjust the lighting levels to suit your needs.


If you don’t want to close the blinds at night, dim the lights so that it is more difficult for people to see into your apartment. A well-positioned lampshade or some mood candles will also do the trick.

Balcony privacy

Balcony privacy screens not only give you added protection when you’re outside, but they can make your outside area look more aesthetically pleasing.

credit: balconygardenweb

Try covering your balcony with bamboo screens – this not only protects against uninvited views, the sun, and the wind but also gives a softer, natural look to the arrangement.

A lattice-like frame can do a similar job, and if you want some added greenery outside you can also grow climbers and vines along the lattice. Interweave these through your screen or simply hang them like curtains for a more eye-catching privacy option.

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