Five Fave Tips To Space Save

9 years ago
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Five ‘Fave’ Tips To Space Save

Looking for something a little more inspiring than just the suggestion of white for those small space design dilemmas? Want to create mood and an authentic space with your personal stamp on it, without it looking like a page from an Ikea catalogue? Then Cathie Venardos, from Charcoal Interiors Design Team, has her Top 5 ‘Fave’ Tips to make your apartment not only liveable, but loveable!

The ‘Faves’

  1. Choose Multi-functional pieces.  For example, try an ottoman sofa bed which doubles as a place to sit and a place to rest your weary head.  Great for very small one bedroom apartments.  Less is definitely more, so use a beautiful leather trunk as a coffee table or side table and then it can double as a storage area.  Stools can be tucked under kitchen benches and brought out when unexpected extra visitors arrive, plus these double as little side tables if the need arises.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use large pieces as a statement. It’s ok to go big! “With a feature piece such as a sofa, side board or console. Then bring in other layers, textures and feature accessories such as lighting, lamps, side tables, chairs and art.
  3. Wall Colour – stick with neutral and lighter tones to open up a room- but don’t rely just on the colour white.  There are some wonderful moody tones available now, and we specialise in choosing the best combinations for our clients. For example, a bold coloured sofa up against a dark coloured feature wall can fit extremely well. Compliment the boldness with a soft toned rug to break it all up.
  4. Wallpaper - Wallpaper can work well in smaller spaces; however the rule is to choose something that isn’t too busy in its pattern. Large patterns are, in most cases, a definite a no-no.  Geometric pieces along with those that include, metallic features or stripes offer a unique piece of art to a home.
  5. Mirrors - Open out rooms by using mirrors, but don’t skimp on size on the size. A good sized scale feature mirror with beautiful detailing can create a dramatic effect to the eye. The reflection remove the end of a room or space, and allow you to be symmetrical, or asymmetrical, throughout.