Five ways to make your life more sustainable

8 years ago
2 minutes

You’re already helping due to the fact that you are looking for an apartment, but when you move in, the question remains; how can you make your home, and your environmental footprint, shrink?

The more sustainable your home is, the better you will feel, and the better your environment will treat you back. So how do you make the change from passively caring, to actively saving?

Recycle, properly.

Blue bins. Despite all the effort, reports have surfaced that whilst we do use our blue bins, they aren’t used properly. People get lazy and end up mixing and matching.

Just like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, think of ‘garbage island’ and the affect you’re having on it.

Recycling works, but it will only work to its truest ability if everyone chips in. Make sure that you separate your rubbish accordingly, remembering not to put your recyclables into a plastic bag, as they the bags themselves are not recyclable.

source: fanpop

Flush étiquette

Just because the packaging says that your wet wipes, tampons or ear buds are ‘flushable’ it doesn’t mean that it is good for the environment; it only means that they can be flushed without clogging your toilet.

Instead, dispose of these types of products in the bin, where they can be properly broken down, not dumped into the water canals.

Reusable living

This can be interpreted in many different ways, and as long as you are trying, then the world will benefit from it. We aren’t asking you to change all your living habits to fit this model, but simply changing your reliance on plastic shopping bags, or take-away coffee cups helps.

Start gardening

The more self-sufficient you are, the better off you will be. For apartment living, you can still grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits from inside your home. 

New technologies are even allowing apartment residents to not even worry about watering them!


Energy safe

Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, or currently living in one, the way in which you use electricity, gas and water should be reviewed. Whether it be limiting the amount of time you are in the shower, turning off lights, or making sure you turn the tap off whilst you are brushing your teeth; it can all help.

Some energy providers even have smart-phone apps that will tell you your current usage, allowing you to budget and manage how much you use and pay for.