Five ways to remove unwanted stress from your home

8 years ago
3 minutes

There is no doubt that stress creeps in to everyone’s lives; be it your annoying boss at work, traffic on the way home, or your team losing in an important game, we all need to find ways to alleviate those worries.

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place away from those stresses, where you can be you, without the need to impress or convince. 

So what can you do to make your home compatible with a healthy mind and being?


  1. Don’t underestimate a made bed.

    Whilst we all know that mornings can be a rush, taking the 60 seconds to make your bed will benefit you greatly when you arrive back home.

    If you arrive home from a stressful day, it is far more appealing walking into a welcoming room that is energised, than a scruffy bed that doesn’t look at all presentable.

  2. Pat something furry

    If you live alone, or find yourself at home a lot when your partner is away or at work, consider a pet. Whether that be a dog, a cat, a bunny rabbit, or a guinea pig, find an animal that appeals to your soul, that you know will engage with and care for.

    Intelligent dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Old English Sheepdogs are renowned for picking up on their best friend’s emotional state, and will comfort you if they know you’ve had a bad day…as long as you feed them of course.

  3. Flowers and greenery

    Flowers and plants are appealing in not only aesthetic, but also in smell. Whilst some plants and flowers are only temporary, looking after a bonsai tree or a hanging garden will bring you a sense of accomplishment.

    Seeing a plant, flowerbed or vegetable patch grow and grow, due to your contributions, is highly satisfying and has been recorded by multiple journals that it will alleviate stresses.

    Certain plants also release beneficial vitamins and minerals that can make your home chemically happier and fresher.

  4. Candles & burning oils

    No matter what your taste, homely smells that you associate with happiness trick the mind into being content, ultimately ignoring the stress.

    Many use smells to help with memory, and this is the same concept. Find a warm smell, be it Lemongrass or Vanilla, and let yourself be immersed. When you have the oil or candle burning, try and associate only relaxed thoughts.

    Incense used to be a popular aroma method for homes, but the thick layer of smoke can not only set of some smoke alarms, but also stain walls and ceilings.

  5. Lessen the clutter

    Most of us spend most of our time in either the living room, or the bedroom. So make sure these spaces are freed up and spread out.

    Don’t cram these rooms with too much art, or too much furniture; the less you have in these rooms, the less there is to worry about. An adult usually thinks around 45 different thoughts per minute, that’s 2700 per hour, that’s 43,200 thoughts in a 16 hour day.

    A more organised, and less-filled room will encourage natural meditation as well.