Flack-Studios' Home-Office

9 years ago
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David Flack, the influential interior designer behind Flack Studio, has partnered with Officeworks to release and create apartment-designed furniture for the home and the home-office. With Flack Studio and Officeworks, there vision is to help Aussies create spaces that they're proud of and ultimately want to live in.

David Flack spoke to and gave his latest tips on creating a great apartment space, as well as creating your own office within your apartment.

  • Apartment design in Australia is becoming increasingly adaptive to our lifestyles. If you’re in the market for an apartment, keep an eye out for thoughtful architecture. Those that feature little study nooks for practical home offices, small integrated bars and other clever design nuances ensure smaller spaces don’t mean limited living


  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving into a new apartment is taking all your furniture, or trying to fit as many existing pieces in as possible. That’s not to say you need to get rid of everything and start again, but furniture that works in one place (especially a house) will not necessarily fit in an apartment; both in size and style


  • To make the apartment feel larger, invest in pieces that offer plenty of ‘air’ around them. For example, choose a sofa that is low and sleek and lose the idea of a modular L-shaped couch as this will restrict the potential dynamism of a room. Opt for a 2.5 seater and a couple of occasional chairs to keep a flexible space. If you often entertain guests, the last thing you want is a large immovable couch getting in the way of a good time!

In a partnership with Officeworks, David Flack from Flack Studio, has engineered some of Officeworks best products that will create the best home-office in your apartment.


The Office Works Space Time 35cm clock ($45.00)

The OfficeWorks Venturo 3 Drawer in Pedestal White ($158.00)


The Hummingbird Fresno Executive Medium Chair ($139.00 - currently $119)

Contour Loop Leg Desk White with Chrome ($149.00)

Liteworks Nash Desk Lamp Chrome ($95.00)

Recently, David Flack re-designed celebrity-stylist Lana Wilkinson’s home-office, and the transformation was staggering.



David Flack is one of Melbourne's best and most renowned interior designers, even designing one of's most dependable eateries, Entrecôte in South Yarra.