Floating Apartments

9 years ago
1 minutes

What is a floating apartment, and would you live in one?

With increasnig demand for apartments in popular areas - would leaving the land be a viable option?

Living on land, has its obvious benefits, but could we see homes being transported on to Port Philip Bay?

Around the world, nations have tested out the idea - and some of them are spectacular.

Seattle - one of the original weatherboard house-boats - Copper Jacobs, a real estate agent, specialises in these 'properties'.

Copenhagen - built in the 1960s, it represented a futuristic design - and is still functional and occupied today.

London - named the Inachus Floating Home, it was initially designed for a Design Competition. Interestingly, it is so well designed and insulated, that heating and cooling is not required.

Certain areas, such as the coast, would not be able to support a house-boat due to changing and unpredictable weather conditions, but sheltered areas of the Bay are a definite possibility.

Would you live in one?