Folding stairs almost disappear

5 years ago
1 minutes

During his studies to be a furniture designer, Australian Zev Bianchi spent time living in a cramped apartment in New York. This gave him first-hand knowledge of how to make the most of confined spaces.

Returning to Australia to study industrial design, Zev put this experience into practice, and he developed his concept for folding stairs, or as he puts it, “a compact space-saving device for high-density living”


Explains Zev, “I basically came up with the ideas of compact living and space-saving whilst living in New York… I had a small apartment for many years and I had to make the most out of that space.”

The stairs fold completely flat to take up barely any space at all, with a latch holding them in place against the wall when not in use. “It can disappear almost entirely – it becomes almost an aesthetic aspect of your home or office.”



Made of sustainably sourced bamboo composite (selected for its strength and light weight) the stairs feature an aluminium handrail. A safety gate is also an option to keep little ones – two-legged or four – from using the stairs when expanded.

“It has very few parts and the production process is highly sustainable, using a small amount of power and very minimal waste.”

A smart, sustainable design solution? We like the sound of that.

source: core77 / bcompact