Four Seasons Private Jet

9 years ago
1 minutes

The Four Seasons Hotel chain, renowned for their luxury hotels around the world, has recently announced its new private jet service, catered to taking their top clients across the world. 

Branded as a hotel in the sky, the jet holds 52 passengers, with each seat having the ability to assume a bed-like form throughout the flight. The Boeing 757 jet, which usually can hold around 233 passengers, is decked out in beautiful finishes, and luxurious ammenities.

Each seat is measured at 6.5 feet long, giving the passenger nearly 2 metres of leg room in front of them. With menues designed by renowned chefs of the world, passengers have the choice of many fine-dining choices. The flight gives passengers individual iPads and televisions for the flight, as well as led-woven carpet to simulate different moods. 

Presented with a glass of Dom Pérignon on arrival, the current 'Four Seasons Experience' lasts 24 days and starts at Los Angeles, stopping at 9 different Four Season Hotel locations - such as Bora Bora, Hawaii, Sydney, Bali, northern Thailand, Mumbai, Istanbul and then finally London.

This could all be yours for a mere $171,000AUD ($132,000USD), and would be the perfect getaway for honeymooners, or that 25th anniversary...