The Fry Pan That Almost Cooks Itself

8 years ago
2 minutes

A new start up company is due to change cooking for good - well for the lazy cooks anyway.

With Pantelligent you can prepare and serve delicious gourmet meals in minutes. Designed for home cooks of all skill levels, Pantelligent guides you step-by-step in real-time ensuring a perfect dish every time.

Each Pantelligent is embedded with a hidden sensor that measures temperature from the moment food touches its surface. Input your food’s characteristics – thickness, cut, desired doneness – in the Pantelligent app and you’ll be able to monitor your meal in real-time.

Simply click “Start Cooking” and the Pantelligent app instantly syncs with your pan. You’ll know when to flip, add ingredients or finishes and, more importantly, when your food is done. All you have to do is watch and listen for prompts and you’ll be guaranteed a perfect dish every single time.



Pantelligent's solid die-cast aluminum body gives you professional quality heat conduction. Better conduction eliminates hot spots, so cooking surface temperature is completely under your control. You'll love the non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleanup a breeze.

Pantelligent also has in built recipes that will tell you step by step the process of cooking.

For instance, when a recipe says ‘turn the salmon over once it has seared for 5 minutes on 180 degree’, the Pantelligent will notify you, and will tell you to flip.

Once you have completed that instruction, the next instruction will appear - it is as close to a chef holding your hand as you could hope.

For someone who cannot cook - I even burn eggs - this could actually motivate me to get into the kitchen, and start cooking up a storm.

Pantelligent is the one of many start ups focused on improving life at home - designed for all cooking skill levels, Pantelligent is clearly designed at the novice home-chef.