The gadgets that are sure to make your first apartment better

8 years ago
2 minutes

Home technology is on the up, and as technology increases, so does its affordability.

With only a few tweaks, and only a few bucks, you can in turn change the way you live life at home.

Ikea Wireless Charging

Sick of cords? Annoyed of finally sitting on the couch, and then realising you left your charger in the other room?

Ikea, the Swedish gods of affordable furniture have fixed all of your charging worries. 

Ikea now uses wireless charging through their furniture so instead of getting up and finding your charger, you just place your device on to the table. 


Buddha Machine

Life can be stressful, and what is more annoying is that most people cannot empathise with other people’s stresses.

Here is the Buddha Machine - a portable sound system that has one function, and one function only; to play relaxing music that is aimed at relaxing you.

Whether it be chanting from Tibetan monks, or soft piano, the Buddha Machine has you covered.


iRobot Braava

Unlike other home-robots, the iRobot Braava is ideal for apartments. Instead of relying on a vacuum function, the Braava rather mops, and dries, your apartment floors without you having to lift a leg.

As most apartment’s prefer the low maintenance option of floorboards and stone, this gives it a whole new meaning.



Quirky Porkfolio

When you first move in to your own apartment, budgeting can be hard. You’ll need to make sure that you have both enough money to pay for your mortgage, as well as enough to survive; so it’s clear that every cent counts.

The Quirky Porkfolio isn’t your usual piggy bank; instead it wireless connects to your mobile device, and lets you know how much you have in your account. It will also, if you want it to, help you set goals, and remind you to achieve them. 



This may just be a game-changer for all those who love to cocoon themselves in front of the TV.

The Blandito will adapt and move in almost any which way you want it to. With no hard structures inside at all, the Blandito will act as your hugging partner whenever you need it - we’re not judging.


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