Global rent snapshot: What $2,000 gets you

7 years ago
3 minutes

See what AU$2,000/month will rent you around the world

If you’re currently renting an apartment, you probably keep tabs on how much you’re paying compared to your friends or neighbours. But how do you fare compared to other cities around the world?

We take a look at what AU$2,000 per month will get you in the heart of some of the world’s top rental cities.


Average one bedroom apartment: £1,670 = AU$2,740/month

One of the most expensive cities in the world, London has some of the highest rental costs to match. But then, you do have one of the most incredible capital cities on your doorstep.

This studio flat in Whitehall comes in a couple of pounds under our benchmark budget (treat yourself to half a coffee…) and is right in the thick of the action, close to Trafalgar Square with a number of underground stations close by. It’s typical of the kind of rental that young professionals seek out.


Average one bedroom apartment: US$2,100 = AU$2,775/month

Whilst New York’s rent scene is similarly priced to London’s, the famously micro-sized apartments in the city that never sleeps probably mean you won’t feel like you’re getting much for your money.

If you’re wanting to live in the heart of the city, this apartment in Hell’s Kitchen is a good example. It’s compact, to say the least, and typical of what you’ll realistically get for our benchmark price. Again, once you move up to New York’s average rent, things start to get a little more liveable.


Average one bedroom apartment: ¥129,000 = AU$1,540/month
The most affordable city on our list (providing you were earning Australian dollars), Tokyo enjoys relatively low rental costs compared to many capitals.

In the outskirts of Tokyo, you can easily find an apartment comparable in size and amenity to an average one bedroom apartment in Melbourne or Sydney. But if you want to live in a popular spot like bustling Shibuya-Ku, something like this compact apartment is probably what you’ll be looking at for our benchmark price. It has a separate bathroom, toilet and laundry, plus a balcony. Everything's just that little bit smaller than you might be used to.


Average one bedroom apartment: C$1,715 = AU$1,691/month

For a city with such a high quality of living, rental prices in Toronto are surprisingly affordable. Even in Toronto’s inner suburbs, you can pick up a two bedroom apartment rental for well within our benchmark price.

This apartment in Liberty Village is a good example, featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a balcony – and all under our budget. Not only that, the building includes an impressive gym, swimming pool, games room and library.

There’s clearly a world of difference in what AU$2,000 per month will get you around the world. What’s equally clear, though, is that there will always be a market for apartments in convenient spots with great transport and lifestyle options. Whether or not you’re prepared to have your shower in your living room is for you to decide.