Go bold, go monochrome

5 years ago
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Art Deco and maximalism are becoming popular again, and with these design trends comes the monochrome colour palette. By using just one colour, you can easily decorate your home and create interesting spaces which, if you pair this style with colour psychology, can enhance the way you feel within your home.

You might think a monochrome colour scheme means just one colour but this is not exactly true. The key to making this design strategy work lies in the layering of shades, hues and textures. Paint the walls a bold colour and using soft hued furniture and decor to balance the look.

Alternately, if the idea of an entirely monochromed room is a little outside of your comfort zone, you can opt for a feature wall and matching feature pieces instead — such as swapping your blinds for coloured ones in the same hue.


Interior designers commonly use a blue colour palette as it has an incredibly soothing effect on the human brain. It’s also versatile. Cooler toned blues in a dining room can imbue the space with a sense of formality while blue bathrooms can feel like tiled sanctuaries.

You can transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven by painting the walls Dulux’s Radar blue and pairing it with a textured blue quilt cover.


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As we’re discovering more about it, biophilic design has become a huge focus for many architects and interior designers and one of the easiest ways to ensure you’ve enhanced the connection to nature within your home is to utilise a green colour palette.

You can transform your lounge room into a jungle-themed green haven by decorating with indoor plants, using green lampshades and cushions of different textured fabrics, and adding in nature-inspired green artwork.



It’s a bold and warm colour which can make you feel adventurous and friendly. This is best featured in a room where you’d like to feel more energetic and positive, like your office or gym space.

Add this bold orange chair and soften the look with autumnal orange coloured wall decal flowers and a textured rug.


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