Green spaces to call your own

3 years ago
1 minutes

Whether it’s Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or any other urban jungle in Australia, the ‘jungle’ in urban jungle is tremendously important for our health and wellbeing. A wealth of research has consistently found that living within walking distance of parks is associated with improved feelings of happiness, self worth and life satisfaction. 

While many city apartments are in close proximity to parks and communal green spaces, recently more and more developments are focusing on providing dedicated, private greenery for residents to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. 

Here’s our top picks of green spaces to call your own. 


Awaken - Brighton

The team behind Awaken acknowledges that greenery does more than just make a home beautiful. The development adds to the flora regeneration of the suburb; garden terraces are layered with jasmine ground cover, while a combination of flowering plants and trees offer visual impact and tranquility. The thoughtful mix of deciduous and evergreen flora offers residents a combination of seasonal change and year-round privacy in their homes. 



Feehan Row - Moonee Valley Park

Positioned adjacent to Tote Park and the secluded Residents’ Garden, the townhomes along Feehan Row are nestled among ample greenery to ease the senses and inspire serenity. Not satisfied with the close proximity to lush communal parklands, the team behind this development takes it a step further by offering residents landscaped private gardens and green fringes. 



Contour - Malvern

Discreetly tucked away in one of Malvern’s leafiest pockets, this development is inspired by the organic beauty of nature. Not only is all of Malvern’s natural wonders within arms reach, the clever integration between foliage and an understated materiality makes for a serene experience. Also, elevating the generous green space enhances the amazing backdrop to your private retreat.