Green Square will revitalise Sydney's inner south

6 years ago
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For the first time in over a century, the City of Sydney is designing a new village centre in Sydney’s inner south. Green Square, a cultural and community hub, will have a new town common that will be unique and welcoming. Only 3.5km from the city, the space will include the suburbs of Beaconsfield and Zetland, and parts of Rosebery, Alexandria, and Waterloo. The city centre will form the heart of residential, commercial and cultural communities.

The City of Sydney recognises the significant heritage of the space and plans to use original designs to revitalise the Green Square area. The pioneers behind the development are working cohesively with private developers. Together, they want to combine infrastructure with lifestyle so that the project remains sustainable while still respecting the individuality of the neighbourhood.


The town centre will cover 14 hectares of land with the support of $8 billion investment. It is estimated that the project will provide employment opportunities for over 8,000 people and over 30,000 residential properties for homeowners.

The City of Sydney will invest $540 million over the next decade in a commitment to developing the Green Square community. The finances will contribute to a new library and plaza, aquatics centre, parks, and playgrounds, as well as childcare facilities and a creative hub — all of which will be accessible to residents of the surrounding suburbs.


Primarily, the City of Sydney is playing a role in ensuring planning permits and licenses will allow for potential growth of the development and community, especially since its intended purpose is to provide housing and employment for a growing population. 

The village has already seen an increase in population due to urban regeneration. Residents have a higher household income and, in general, larger household sizes than that of the average Sydney inner south. The resident population of both Green Square and City South is predicted to experience a rapid growth boom in the next 20 years. In order to sustain this growth, the City is already planning a substantial amount of new infrastructure.

The Green Square neighbourhood will evolve in stages. There will be four distinct precincts, each with individual characters and features. Residents of the community will benefit from parks, public art projects and gathering places for communal activities. As well as this, they'll be able to access the converted warehouses and factories of wine-sellers, gallery owners, and brewers.

article-imageThe Green Square village will be one of the largest and significant regeneration projects under construction in Australia. With the help of developers Mirvac and landowners Landcom, the City of Sydney will see this industrialised section of the inner south transform into a cultural and creative hub of an expected 61,000 people by the year 2030.

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