Green Walls

9 years ago
2 minutes

As apartment living becomes more popular, along with the growing trend in green living, traditional gardening solutions in small spaces are hard to navigate and can often make balconies cluttered and messy, not to mention hard to maintain. Greenwalls or vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery to any home and are also great for the environment too.

Mark Paul from The Greenwall Company said, “Everyone loves a bit of greenery and living in a small space is no excuse. Greenwalls are the new apartment must have.

“The great thing about apartment greenwalls is not only do they look great and become the feature of the property but you don’t need to worry about physically watering them. The irrigation system is set up on timers so they maintain themselves and there’s no need to get the neighbours in to water the garden when you go on holidays.”

Some of the other benefits of greenwalls include:

-Low maintenance: the wall can be left to grow out and can be maintained a couple times a year, depending on the look you are after.

-Improved air quality: Greenwalls are a natural air-filter. The plants in the greenwall help metabolise toxins in the air, while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air but at a much larger scale than the usual potted plants.

-Noise level reduction: When placed inside, greenwalls can help reduce noise levels. The plants in the greenwall block high frequency sounds and the structure it is built on can help reduce low frequency noise.

-Energy cost reduction: In the warmer months, greenwalls help cool the air through the process of evapotranspiration, which lessens the use of the air conditioner.

-Health benefits: A Texan study of post-surgery patients recovering in hospitals also showed further health benefits, recording quicker recovery and less chance of relapse if patients could look out onto green space.

The Greenwall Company have created his own unique system that over a 12 month period will only use water, equivalent to approximately 4.5 showers to maintain and can be run off grey water where available. The greenwalls are also constructed using 94 per cent of recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

To date, The Greenwall Company has greened numerous apartments and buildings throughout Australia, New Zealand and Brasil.

“With smaller land space available and the cost and time of maintenance of regular garden beds and potted plants now a luxury, self-irrigated greenwalls have become a great solution for people who want to green their balcony or backyard in style, minus the work,” said Mark.