Grocon's Portrait

9 years ago
1 minutes

Grocon's apartment building has taken on a new form - in the representation of a portrait.

Positioned on Grocon's 530 apartment project at the old Carlton United and Brewery, the façade, created by the balconies, is representative of the famous indigenous leader and artist, William Barak.

Designed by ARM Architecture, this is a new method of artistic dedication, using existing solids, the balconies, in the building to form the piece. It will prove to represent a cultural icon, to form a cultural landmark.

“We think his eyes are not as accurate as they should be,” David Waldren, Grocon’s National Design Manager told The Age.


“There is also work we want to do around his beard and moustache to make it like the beard and moustache he had when he was painting out at Coranderrk.”
The project is due to officially launch tomorrow (Thursday), however, the image itself needs to be tweaked and will be edited by Grocon from now on.
Barak was the last elder of the Wurundjeri-willam clan based around present-day Melbourne.