Halloween interior design tips

4 years ago
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It’s that time of year again when ghouls and trick-or-treaters come out to play, when witches cackle and wolves howl, when Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is played on repeat and you spend a fortune on costumes — it is, of course, Halloween.

Most people think of bright orange pumpkins and skeletons when it comes to Halloween decor, but there are also ways of celebrating the spookiest day of the year in style. 

We take a look at some of the classier things you can implement in your home on All Hallows Eve.

Festive black candles

Of course, you’ll want candles to create that spooky atmosphere, but why not go for something a little more opulent.

credit: theeverylastdetail

Try these from Royal Design. Although a little bit pricey, they will add an aura of sophistication to your ghastly feast — not to mention a six-hour burn time. 

For a bigger statement candle, this one from Buckley & Phillips will do the trick, while treating you and your guests with an intriguing fusion of spicy woods, vanilla musk, and velvety rose. 

Pumpkin shaped glassware 

Add a bit of pizzazz to a Halloween dinner party with these harvest pumpkin shaped glassware.

credit: Pier 1

Handblown and subtly ribbed, these glasses will add a bit of sophistication and presence at any dinner party. But the pumpkin aspect, synonymous with the time of year, will add that little bit extra for all your guests to enjoy. Plus, they’re dishwasher-friendly. 

Double double tea towel

It’s often the little things that make a big difference to the feel of a room, and these ‘double double’ tea towels are a fine addition to any kitchen at this time of the year.

credit: wayfair

The three witches from William Shakespeare's play Macbeth made this quote famous and it comes part and parcel with Halloween nowadays… just try not to have too much fire and burning in your kitchen on the 30th. 

It doesn’t have to be all orange and black 

Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean your home has to be black and orange. The latter of those colours really stems from the autumnal palette at this time of year in the northern hemisphere — here, things are only getting greener. 


Keeping that in mind and try some white decorations, like flowers and painted pumpkins. This can still match a spooky feel in your home as it mimics a full moon and complements darker shades, but it adds that layer of luxury you might be after.

Floral skull centrepiece

It’s always good to have a centrepiece on the main table no matter what party you’re throwing. But, given the time of year, it can’t really be the usual bouquet of flowers or colourful fruit bowl. 

credit: Addie Juel

Why not try something a bit more festive to put some seasonal blooms in? There are going to be plenty of skulls around, but by cleverly using them as a vase, you can make the perfect centrepiece to any spooky dining table. 

Batty mantelpiece 

The old hanging bats from the ceiling can prove to be a bit corny and a bit ‘kids party’. Having them strategically placed to set a scene, however, will create a fantastic effect in your home. 

credit: The Morrisons

If you have a fireplace, why not try having a swarm of these nocturnal nomads coming out and entering the room? Buy some inexpensive wall stickers, bend the wings for extra eeriness, and let 'em loose. 

To ‘spookify’ your nearby windows, mirrors, or your fridge, use vinyl clings instead of paper cutouts.

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