Healthy Living Away From The Office

9 years ago
1 minutes

It is important to separate work from play, and work from home.

Your new apartment should be a haven away from your work stresses.

Whether you live with a family, or you are a single woman or man, separating these elements of your life are pivotal to happiness and stress management.

Be sure to unplug yourself - if you work in a job where computers, emails and mobile phones dominate your day, then be sure to remove the automatic inclination to use your phone or go straight on the laptop or television. Leave your phone in another room, along with your laptop, and enjoy something that is no plugged in.

Choose your influences - most young professionals and creatives listen to podcasts in the morning, at lunch, or on the way home. It is important to listen to non-work-related podcasts to give yourself a break. If you work in the stock market, leave the stock-market podcasts for your office, rather than your car or home.

Drink tea and meditate - whilst this isn’t new news, it is important to relax and rest. Meditation is proven to lower blood pressure, and promotes wellbeing and health. 


And finally, appreciate your family - whilst they can cause stress, they offer a grounding and perspective to situations that often feel overwhelming.