H.J Wegner Chair Design

8 years ago
2 minutes

Design has its origin, its influencers and its creators. Much like any industry or division, there are a certain few who can be credited as shaping the future - and design is no different. In a furniture series that will outline the influencers, the creators and the dreamers, furniture labels, designers and builders will be reviewed, praised and remembered. 

Hans J. Wegner is often praised as the ‘Godfather’ of furniture design and construction. From humble beginnings, Hans began as an assistant to other forefathers of furniture such as Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller and over time has accrued about 80 works currently in production. His love for wood and craftsmanship set him apart from many other designers. Such is his relentless pursuit for perfection in simplicity, his pieces featured in the 1960 US Presidential Debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. This segment is dedicated to focusing on the chairs he produced. 

Hans Wegner CH20 Elbow Chair

Aesthetically pleasing and very minimalist in style, Hans Wegner experimented with new materials in 1956 known as moulded veneer to achieve maximum stability in this chair. Such is its simplicity, this piece can not only be fit in classic environments but also modern apartments too. 

Hans Wegner CH33 Chair

Once again fitting in with Wegners philosophy, the CH33 is a classic chair that appears contemporary. Designed by Hans in 1957, this dining chair delivers great comfort and stability. A favourite with interior designers and the like, this is another piece that would look great in your modern apartment. 

Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair

Designed in 1949, the Wishbone is undoubtedly Wegner’s most celebrated piece. It is lightweight and characteristic in function, it is celebrated for its simple design and clean lines. The legend states that even though it looks simple aesthetically, it takes more than 100 steps to produce one. The original feature Wishbone seat features more than 120 metres of paper cord. 

Hans J. Wegner is as influential and as revered to his craft as The Beatles are to music, and Hemingway to the arts.


Patrick Doan is the Managing Director of Dash Designed. Dash Designed are apartment furniture specialists and have over 25 years of furniture experience in the family. Their niche market is targeted to apartments and apartment buyers.