Hogwarts Is Taking New Admissions

8 years ago
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Hogwarts is now taking admissions…

Well, not really, but all those witches and wizards who want to live in Hogwarts, have an opportunity to, if you can afford it.

Royal Connaught Park in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England has been used for hundreds of films and television shows, with the great dining hall in its Victoria Gothic building used as Hogwarts’ Great Hall, as well as the tower for Dumbledore’s Office.

There will eventually be 380 apartments and houses set in the 100 acre space with a state of the art fitness club and an underground pool. Bought by a restoration specialist in 1998, the park has been under development since 2009, and the now opulent apartments are gaining interest very quickly.

Unfortunately, for some, the price may be too much, with the first 28 apartments going on sale between £649,000 and £2.8 million - for those of you playing at home, that is $1.375m and $5.93m in the depleting Australian dollar. 

Importantly, the Great Dining Hall, used in Harry Potter, will remain unchanged, and can be accessed by property owners at their leisure. 

Located only 40 minutes north-west of London, the former school also offers a shuttle service to and from Bushey train station. 

Formally known as The Royal Masonic School for Boys, Royal Connaught Park is a remarkable architectural and landscaping achievement with an imaginative and luxurious mix of skilfully converted and newly built apartments, set in 100 acres of private parkland.

No two dwellings at Royal Connaught Park are alike, from one bedroom duplex flats with private roof terraces, to four bedroom luxury apartments; each new home has been individually designed with unstinting attention to craftsmanship. Only premium grade materials have been selected, to complement the supreme quality of the original buildings.