Home Internet Has Just Changed

8 years ago
2 minutes

Have you ever been at home, and the internet starts playing up? Well it's about to change...

“Restart Your Modem”

A new modem by Google called OnHub, deals with the two main issues of internet routers.


Modems and internet routers have always been focused on one thing and that is to provide a service. They are robust and dated, and it is hard to find a home that that isn’t ruined by the blinking lights.

The design is modern, sleek and less invasive than other modems and routers on the market.

But wait, there’s more.

OnHub have also partnered up with designers from around the world with some pretty nifty modem covers. The beauty about OnHub is that these covers do not change the signal strength of the device - no longer do you have to hide your modem in the corner of a room or in a cupboard.

Modems and routers work better when they are out in the open, and the design of OnHub makes that a little easier for the design savvy. Ultimately, with some of Google’s modem design covers, you can turn your modem into a fruit-bowl, a bowl, or a coffee stand - let your modem be used for more than just one thing.

Designs by Brook&Lyn


The OnHub wouldn’t be a Google venture unless it offered a better service. In such a competitive market, the quality of the product and the service it provides has to be better and affordable in order to stand any chance of success. 

The OnHub modem has 14 antennas facing in every direction, but, as you’ve seen with the design, it is all built from the outside in. Meaning that everything is covered in a cylindrical tube. 

What is also revolutionary about this product is that instead of flashing lights, or crawling on to one knee to reset it, you can do it all from your phone.

Through the smart-phone app, you can monitor what the connection is like, what can be done to improve it, as well as who is using the device, and how much data they are using - no longer will everyone else point the finger when the data allowance is capped.