Home-styling tips for kids' rooms in apartments

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Kids' rooms can be the most challenging, but also the most fun room to decorate. With a little bit of creativity, there are plenty of ways to make your kids’ rooms stylish and fun.

Here are some home-styling tips for kids’ rooms in apartments that will help you maximise space and create a stylish and fun space for your kids to play and sleep in.

Create more storage space

Baskets like this are perfect for creating storage space in kids' rooms. Image source. 

Kids often have a lot of toys, clothes, and appliances that can be difficult to store. That’s why you want to maximise as much space as possible in your kids’ room. The best thing to make the most of a small space for your kids is to focus on storage options and make sure that you build storage that is within their reach. That way, if they want to get their shoes or their favourite toy, they can easily do so. 

Choose the right wall colour

Whilst many apartments are designed with house-size proportions, it never hurts to choose wall paints that make your children’s room look spacious and bright. Choose neutral, pastel, or earth-tone colours like white, a soft shade of blush pink, or light taupe.

Decoration for a kid’s room

A children's room decorated in neutral tones. Image source. 

Decorating your kids’ room in an apartment means that it will, naturally, be filled with items that are special and important to your children. Your kids’ toys can be used as ornaments while at the same time, serving a purpose. Instead of using picture frames or other decorations that are not necessary, you can use things that your child can use.

You can also foster a sense of creativity by making the room a continuous art centre. By having one part of the wall with chalkboard paint your kids will be sure to have fun without having to ruin any other part of the apartment.

Built-in bunks

Bunk beds are the perfect accessory to any kids' room. Image source. 

Bunk beds are becoming more and more common for families with two or more kids, and are a perfect choice when designing kids’ rooms in apartments. A common problem for families with kids is that clutter can overtake the room, leaving little space to move around.  Built-in bunk beds can be the perfect solution to this, and can ensure that the room doesn’t get too cluttered or messy. 

Make use of the wall

We all love a bit of extra storage space, but for those with kids it can make all the difference. Maximise the use of walls in your children’s bedroom by installing hooks where possible. In doing this, you’ll have a space to hang backpacks, coats, jackets, scarves and anything else you wish to hang up. That way, you can maintain a level of organisation in your childrens’ room. 

Elevating functionality is the key when designing your kids’ room. Not only will this make your life easier but it will also allow your kids access to their favourite items whenever they want. All it takes is a little bit of planning and creativity. 

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