Hong Kong Design Dream

9 years ago
1 minutes

A couple in a Hong Kong apartment have turned their 'flat' into a masterpiece.

Tina Leung and Jason Chan lived happily in their Tregunter Path home, but wanted something fresh.

So now, instead of shuffling into a mid-level high rise apartment, the front doors open into a open plan, pristine and design oriented loft.

Despite Leung and Chan being in law and finance respectively, it didn't stop them from wanting design in their life - they got Clifton Leung to come in and fix it up.

"The interior walls in our last apartment were all structural so there was nothing we could do to the layout," says Leung. "When we found this newer block, in 2013, in the same neighbourhood, and discovered only one pillar was structural, because it contains a pipe that goes through the entire building, we knew it would allow us to have everything we wanted."

Clifton Leung removed all the walls, and started from scratch - this is as customisable an apartment as one can be.

"Most Hong Kong apartments are tailored for sale, not for living, but things are changing and more often buyers are looking for something different," says Clifton Leung.

"Opening up the kitchen, dining and living area into one large integrated space means we can see what is happening even when cooking. It also lets in so much more daylight into the dining space," says Tina Leung.

The couple also requested an all-white interior palette.


"We wanted a light colour as it is brighter and relaxing. We like spaces that are uncluttered and comfortable but otherwise we had an open mind when we met Clifton," says Tina Leung.