House and Land mistakes to avoid

5 years ago
4 minutes

But whilst many bad decisions regarding your home build can be fixed, there’s one thing you can do little about once you’ve signed your contract – the location.

Assuming you’ve selected a reputable builder you know you can trust, here are four of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when choosing where to build your new home.

No Nearby Amenities

With many new house and land communities popping up in the outer suburbs, it can be easy to forget just how important everyday amenities like shops, healthcare and entertainment can be.

If you’re used to having local shops to meet the needs of a busy lifestyle, make sure these are nearby any new development you’re looking at. Take a drive around the area to see what amenities are there. Think about the places you go to regularly, like supermarkets, cafes, schools, entertainment venues and so on. If having these handy is important to you, make sure you choose a new development that has them close by.

Make sure you also fully research the amenities that are planned for the future. Phrases such as ‘Proposed School’  or ‘Future Shopping Centre’ could mean a school six months from now or 5 years from now, so make sure you have all the facts.


Troublesome Design & Siting Guidelines

As we have mentioned in our Buyers Guide (link to sign up) when choosing your location it’s important to be aware of any design restrictions or guidelines which might be in place for a community.

This is particularly important if you’ve already chosen a home design from a particular builder. You need to be sure your home falls within the guidelines of a land community you’re looking at.

It’s more likely that you may end up with someone building a visually unappealing home right next-door.  This could be detrimental to the future value of your home if you plan to sell it later on. After all, nobody wants to buy in a location and end up living next to an eyesore.

A good set of Design and Siting Guidelines ensures everyone is encouraged to build the kind of home they want, but within reasonable limitations to maintain consistent-looking streetscapes.

Future plans for the neighbourhood

Many new house and land communities promise a host of future amenities and features, such as parks, community centres, and so on.

Community Centres are often mentioned in marketing brochures. These catch-all facilities may include childcare, bookable community spaces and even fitness centres.

Again, the notion of ‘Proposed’ comes into play, so gather as much information as you can. Don’t plan to build your home in a development just because it promises a free resident fruit tree orchard or kids adventure playground, without being certain of what and when these features might be delivered.

Also, bear in mind the fact that many new communities will continue to grow. Don’t choose a land lot on the edge with an uninterrupted view across empty paddocks expecting it to stay that way. As our cities continue to grow, so do our new communities. Make sure you’re selecting your lot for the right reasons.


Lack of Transport

This last mistake could really affect your finances and your physical wellbeing. Because when it’s difficult getting to and from work, schools or just heading out for the weekend, it can be detrimental to your whole quality of life.

If you’re moving further away from where you work, make sure you take this into account with regards to the time it will take you and the cost of transport. This may be a more expensive public transport cost or more on petrol and wear and tear to your car.

Easy freeway access is important, whether it’s already in place or planned for the future in a growing new community. Planned freeway access may include the creation of new roundabouts and intersections to make sure you don’t spend half an hour just waiting to join the main road every morning.

Public transport is also a key factor to consider, with train stations, being top of the list for anyone without a car. Or even those with a car who prefer to park and ride. In a nutshell, you don’t want your journey to and from your brand new home to be a chore!

Those are our top four location mistakes to avoid. Ensure you have them on your radar when researching where to build your home and you can look forward to a happier future. Search our house and land development listings here.