How apartments make life easier

5 years ago
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Well-designed and developed apartment developments can change the way you live your life. From popular on-site amenities to prime locations in established suburbs, apartments will make your life easier and here’s how.

Contemporary layouts

Apartments are designed to make the best use of space. The open plan layout means you can converse easily with guests while preparing dinner in the kitchen, and keep an eye on the oven while you’re sitting down to watch the television.

The kitchens are designed around the ‘golden triangle’ — where the kitchen cooktop, fridge and sink are placed so that a straight line can be drawn from one to the other to create a triangle shape for complete efficiency.

Development teams also ensure bedrooms are spaced as far away from main living areas as possible to ensure noise reduction when residents are sleeping at night. Where two bedroom walls intersect, there will be built-in robes to buffer the sound.


Image: Kitchen 'golden triangle' as seen in Teneo, Alexandria

Shared amenities

When you live in an apartment, you can streamline your lifestyle. Cancel your membership for the gym down the road and don’t waste money attending a public pool — you can have it all on-site when you live in an apartment.

In addition to a gym, pool, and saunas and spas, many apartment projects these days are also offering additional shared amenities such as communal dining spaces and kitchens. This means you can easily host larger gatherings or skip the hassle of booking a venue for milestone events. 


Image: Jackson Green's rooftop garden

Low maintenance

In an apartment, you don’t have to worry about ensuring the lawn is kept neat and green, or weeding the garden in the backyard. Instead, you become part of the owners corporation (formerly known as body corporate) and the committee takes care of communal areas. This includes ensuring the building’s external windows are kept clean — so you won’t have to worry. You can take as much or as little responsibility in your owners corporation, as there is usually a building manager or chairperson who runs the committee.


When the time comes to go on holidays, you don’t have to worry about organising someone to mind your home while you’re away when you live in an apartment. With security like key passes and undercover carparks, and in some cases nightly patrols and even concierge services, you can just lock-up and leave.


Image: Melbourne Grand lobby


The name of the game in the apartment world is convenience, and developers ensure new projects are located within walking distance of high streets where you can find post offices, banks, retail and dining, as well as education institutes so kids can get to and from school easily. These developments are also located near major infrastructure, so you can easily travel to and from the city and surrounding suburbs.

Many more developments have activated ground floor retail and dining spaces so that if you run out of vital ingredients for a recipe you’re cooking at home, you can just take the elevator down and pick up the produce within minutes. Similarly, you can skip delivery fees and pick up takeaway within minutes of knowing it’s ready and waiting for you.

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Hero image: Rise gym