How to de-clutter your space before a move

8 years ago
1 minutes

It's that time of year where many are preparing to move into their new apartments.

Inspection sign-offs are occurring, and the process of moving is slowly beginning.

So you’re downsizing from that house you had for 10 years.

And unless you are extremely organised, we doubt you’re ready for your move.

One of the most painful, and difficult processes of moving place, is decluttering - you don’t want to throw away a sentimental book, or a family heirloom - so balance is key!

Firstly, do it slowly. With a few months leading up to your move, dedicate certain days, or weekends, where your main mission will be to sort through ‘junk’.

Make it fun, put some music on, and prepare yourself for a frustrating few hours of overwhelming clutter, nostalgia, and predicaments. 

Secondly, if you are too generous, and want to keep everything, bring in a wingman or wingwoman - someone who is cut throat but also understanding.

This could be a friend, a neighbour, your partner, or even your mother/father or child. 

Importantly, follow a method of ‘keep’, ‘trash’, ‘donate’.

For anything you want to keep, fine, they are moving with you; if you are throwing it away, store it all up and attempt to fill your bins with it (or go to a tip), and if you are donating, there a hundreds of donating bins throughout Australia, which allows quick, easy and convenient donations.