How decorative glass can transform a home

4 years ago
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When you think of glass in your home, you think of your windows looking out into your front porch or back garden.

Normally this creates most of the natural light needed in a home, but it’s not always the case, especially in a smaller or compartmentalised space — for this, there are glass partitions, interior windows and doors. 

These are much more than a pretty feature, they are a solution that won’t interrupt visual flow while still separating each area. They also allow more sunlight through than opaque surfaces but maintain privacy. Not only this, but they add an element of architectural intrigue, even in spaces that initially look like a plain white box.

We have a look at some examples that you could incorporate into your own home.

Fluted Glass 

Although it appears slightly old fashioned, grooves in glass can add textural intrigue and privacy, and are being increasingly incorporated into today’s households. 

In this traditional space, designed by GRT Architects, the fluted glass partition brilliantly separates the hallway from the staircase, while allowing an abundance of light to enter the space — this is also one of the most affordable ways to introduce a decorative element to doors.

credit: Nicole Franzen

Frosted Glass

Promote privacy while still promoting light into your living areas, home office or bathrooms with Frosted Glass. A slightly more expensive option, this glass is harder to see detail through, creating that separation in the household without the use of an ordinary wooden door panel.  

credit: Wearfound Home Design

Coloured glass

The oldest surviving stain glass window is thought to have been made in 1065 in Augsburg Cathedral. Bring it into the 21st century and into your home to add a quirky and personal element to it, like this apartment by Haverkamp Interior Design in Shenzhen China.

Here, different coloured glass panels separate the individual room functions, providing contrast to the warm wood flooring. 

credit: Haverkamp Interior Design

In Australia, firms like Viridian offer patterned coloured glass for privacy and decoration. 

Speckled Glass 

Designed by Moscow-based Maltsev Design, this walk-in-wardrobe is made even glitzier with this speckled glass partition.

credit: Maltsev Design

Not only does it provide a beautiful separation of space, but the glass door slides right into the wall when it’s not being used, taking up much less space than swinging doors. 

Of course, this may be an expensive process compared to other partitions, but you can’t argue with the results. 

Industrial glass frames 

No matter how big or small, a large glass frame allows for shared light and a striking balance between classic and modern. 

This elegant design by Portapivot creates an incredible aesthetic while maintaining the flow of the home, seamlessly partitioning the rooms while keeping an open-plan feel. 

credit: portapivot

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(Hero image: portapivot)