How fairy lights can illuminate your home

4 years ago
3 minutes

Looking for ways to magically lighten up your home? Well, look no further than fairy lights.

Also known as string lights, they’re an inexpensive and easy-to-use way to transform any humdrum nook into a sparkly sanctuary with the flick of a switch.

From draped ceilings to shimmering balconies, we look at a few ways to illuminate your home with fairy lights.

From up above  

Scratching your head wondering about ways to lighten up your living room? Take inspiration from this Los Angeles loft and cover the ceilings with a web of loose string lights to create a calm glow.

credit: Bethany Nauert

Having that many around the home can seem a bit daunting for some. So if you’re looking for something a little more discreet, line a section of the upper part of the wall with some string lights.

Perfect for those dark corners where there is less light coming through the windows — like the study area. 

Don’t focus on specific rooms. Why not light up the way with fairy lights in the hallways?

Jazz up your walkthrough spaces by interweaving lights up your walls and across the ceiling. You can also add other accessories like lanterns or star shapes to really make it your own.

From outside 

Lighting up the balcony or outdoor area can often prove tricky. Too much and it looks like Christmas out there, too little and you might as well sit in a cold, dark room.

Often the answer is candlelight, but instead of burning a bunch of wicks, hang some fairy lights to shine throughout the whole evening — or combine the two to create an amazing ambiance.

credit: elhadeth

In the bedroom

The bedroom is a fantastic place to create that ‘starry night’ look.

Instead of the traditional bedside lighting, brightening up one side of the bed, hang some string lights across the bedhead and illuminate your evenings before falling to sleep.

They also make the perfect companion for Polaroid pictures of your family or friends. String some lights across a wall and use them to display pictures by clipping them along the lights.

credit: humblehousehold

In magical places 

Mason jars are a fool-proof way to jazz up any room anyway, but you can also fill them with fairy lights and place them on a table, or hang them on some repurposed wood and have the rustic decor you’ve been after.

Draping fairy lights over just about anything can take most objects from bland to bright. You can do the same with your mirror. Hang some from above to give it that Broadway or West-End dressing room look, or scatter them all around one that hangs off the wall.

credit: Cindy Aziere

Feel like your bookshelf is looking kind of boring in the corner? Quickly bring it to life by hanging some fairy lights behind the shelves to fill the empty space.

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