How To Get Fast Wifi In Your Apartment

8 years ago
2 minutes

How to take advantage of the high-speed internet in your apartment

Whilst many think that high-speed capabilities automatically imply high-speed connectivity, it does however require that you take action, and place your modem strategically.

So how do you combine the internet and your brand new interior to create a better wifi signal?

Keep it out & about

Whilst modems are generally hideously ugly, it is important that the more your modem breathes, the better it functions. If you place the modem in an area that isn’t crammed in a cupboard, and is rather out in the open, you will receive a better signal and a faster internet connection. 

Google’s new modems have been designed to formulate something of an art piece, where they can be decorated, and have optimised antennas to cover almost every square cm of your home.

Also, as a tip, keep the modem away from metal objects - and as a rule of thumb, concrete and brick walls generally prohibit wifi signals passing through.



The higher your modem is, the larger its reach will be. Signals bounce off surfaces, and the more space there is below it, the more energy the modem will put in to spreading out and around, rather than down on to the floor. 

Wifi signals emit their radio waves out and down, so if it is wall-mounted or placed up high, you’ll notice a different straight away.


Antenna placement

If you have a wi-fi router that has multiple antennas, then it is generally encouraged that you angle your antennas to accomplish what you want.

Position the antenna(s) upward for a better horizontal reach, or sideways for a better vertical reach. 


Find the dead-zones

Either by touch or technology, you should know what areas in the home struggle to receive wi-fi.

If this is the case, and it isn’t reaching your office or study, or your bedroom for Netflix, then we suggest either moving the router to somewhere more central than in the corner where most keep them.