How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen

8 years ago
2 minutes


I think it’s safe to say that the kitchen these days is probably one of the most important and enjoyable rooms of the house.

Not only do you store and prepare your food and meals, but now it’s highly integrated into the living space and is ever so important when entertaining.

So with such a major role in your daily grind, why not put a little extra into decorating and styling your kitchen to make the space that much more enjoyable?


No doubt your new apartment has some beautiful ambient lighting, however have you considered a hanging pendant or pendants over your island or breakfast nook for something more personal?

Get creative – a suspended lamp or lamps can really increase the luxe feel of a room as it shows some effort and is a great indicator of your individual taste. If you’re not too keen on pendant lamps there’s always LED strip lighting. Use this to light up your splashbacks from beneath overhanging cupboards, or underneath bottom cupboards to illuminate the floors around kitchen islands.

If you plan on going the extra mile with these accent lights consider investing in the services of a Lighting Designer – they’re literally in a field of their own and can be the difference between lighting that is fab, or a flop.


Furniture is something you should invest in with the aim to keep for a decent amount of time. Items like stools and high chairs at a kitchen bench don’t need to be a stock standard look – there are so many great designs out there using interesting materials that can personalise the space.

Also, try to challenge yourself by avoiding replicas that are not only made of lesser quality materials, but are seen everywhere. An interior decorator is a great resource for discussing looks and obtaining ideas that go beyond the mailbox brochure options.


Would I be right in saying that a lot of us can agree that our dinnerware and servingware consists mainly of mismatched ‘sets’ that have been collected, destroyed and combined over the years?

Perhaps this is the area that will make the biggest difference for you in your kitchen.

Maybe it’s time to ditch the ‘eclectic’ collection you currently have and streamline into something more classic, or at least consistent. Be it consistent in colour, pattern or texture – having an overall theme for your dinnerware will not only look nice when presented for meals, but lovely when stacked in the cupboards (especially if you have open or glass door cupboards!)

There's nothing wrong with having a little luxury every day.