How To Keep Warm

8 years ago
2 minutes

Melbourne is cold. The coldest July in decades, and as I am writing this, I have a freshly poured cup of tea next to me, that is now almost cold… On that note, here are the top tips to keep warm this July.

Layer Your Bedding:

No matter if you’re a donna-only sleeper, or love to be surrounded by 30 pillows, everyone has particular sleeping habits. This winter, however, is cold enough to make layers justifiable to almost anyone. Have your main doona on top of you, but also have some blankets and throws on top, both when you are sleeping and when you're out for your day - it will be worth it when you crawl back into it at night.

Bedroom Exfoliation:

This is a deep cleanse - we’re talking, cleaned windows, dusted benches, and of course, freshly washed, ironed and clean bedding. These sheets need to be fresh and odourless - the more inviting your bedroom is, the warmer it may turn out to be - and it also just looks better. Keeping your bedroom, and apartment, looking clean makes a happy home and a happy you.

Go Hefner:

The dressing gown and slippers combo is a great one, if you can pull it off. However, if you cannot, you’ll at least be both warm while you’re being daggy. I have been a outside-of-home slipper advocate for a while now, and with my latest pair being a pair of Alexander McQueen slippers, I am seen with them even more so. However, a pair of Uggs or a pair of LL Bean slippers (for in the home only) will suffice, and keep you a lot warmer. Grab your grannie-dressing gown and get warm!

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate:

Windows, doors, and vents bring in cold air - they are refreshing in the summer, but in the winter, when you are clinging on to every bit of heat, these can be your worst enemy. Make sure that your windows are all completely closed and sealed, and that they are covered by your curtains or blinds, create an igloo, and that outside air (that can come through the glass) needs to be completely shut out. The smaller the room, the easier it is to both get warm, and keep warm - if you’re in the bedroom, keep your door closed, and the warmth will stay in.

The Illusion:

Candles and scents can give the illusion that you’re warmer. The flickering light of a candle, and the smell of woody warm scents can help trick your mind that you are warmer than you are. We suggest that you go for scented candles, rather than burning incense sticks, as they are better for the home, and keep the home less smokey. We love these from Husk...