The How To & Know How To Keeping In Style

8 years ago
2 minutes

Have you ever just walked into someone’s home, and noticed immediately that the home has an effortless sense of style?

Whilst this does come with experience, and an inherent palette for taste, there are some tips that you can keep locked away next time you’re designing a room.

Don’t conform

Don’t be one that conforms to the traditional stylings present in display homes and IKEA stores. When you walk into a home that is well designed and ‘stylish’, they occupant is often not consumed by the generic, but rather the avant-garde - be it a coffee table, a lamp, or artwork - it is these stand out pieces that make them memorable.


People don’t just learn style inherently, or by chance, it is learned. So if you are feeling like you are out of touch, do not fret - it is now easier than ever to catch up to speed.

Research is a process of discovery, and you have to find out what jumps out to you, and what detests you. Using online tools such as Pinterest and interior design blogs, will give you a larger perspective and allow you to narrow down what looks good and what doesn’t. 


You’ve heard this before - and in case you have forgotten, it means, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. Don’t go overboard, and do not cram everything into one room.

Sometimes the most elegant of rooms have barely anything in them - or on a micro level, a piece of art hanging on the wall is of only a couple colours, rather than with the level of detail the Sistine Chapel has.


Personality & Balance

Keeping balance between your personality screaming out, and some design principles will make your home feel less intimidating for outsiders. 

If you are unsure of lay-out, many rely on fengshui as a starting platform. Once you know where things can and should go, you can then focus on what you want, and not have to really worry where you want it to be.