How to maintain the great outdoors...of your apartment

8 years ago
2 minutes

A great feature of most new apartments these days is an outdoor space.

Perhaps you're now the proud owner of a balcony, a small courtyard or maybe even a sunroom that is getting some beautiful light and a cooling breeze that you know you need to take advantage of this Summer.

Treat this space as you would any other room inside your new home.

Cast a discerning eye over the dimensions and scale of the space and really think about how you want to utilise it. 

Are you an outdoor entertainer or more of a quiet morning coffee and paper person?

Is this going to be a space where you kick back and relax while enjoying a long conversation, or more of a working garden space to tend to plants and herbs to complement your cooking and green thumb tendencies?

Regardless of your chosen function, a well thought out space can provide years of enjoyment for both you and your guests.

Suggestions for your outdoor space include:


The quick and affordable way to change the mood of a space is via colour, texture, scale and pattern. Hang a beautiful mirror, or invest in some metal wall art that will age and change its patina over time to beautiful effect. 


If you don't have storage for cushions on a rainy day best to invest in cushions made for the outdoors and Australian sun of long wearing synthetic or treated material - less chance of material degrading, and colours tend to last a lot longer. 

Can't find what you like in the stores? Find a fabric you love and place a quick call to your local upholsterer which will lead you on the way to a custom set!

Decorative Stools

A great all rounder for both the indoors and outdoors. This is a piece that can live outdoors if purchased in a hardwearing material (think PVC, ceramic, stone or similar) or something that can be taken out from inside when in need (think delicate woods, wicker or upholstered stools) A stool can be used as additional seating or a permanent extra 'surface' for holding drinks and snacks, or pots and planters.


Amazing outdoor lounge settings are available that can truly turn your outdoor space into an additional living room. Only a small balconette? then look into an outdoor armchair with ottoman, or suspend a gorgeous hanging chair to really unwind. More space to play with? Then why not invest in a beautiful 3 seat chaise and matching coffee table surrounded by lush potted greenery and sparkling accessories to really amp up the outdoor living lifestyle?

These are only a few suggestions to get your mind into motion but with so many other creative options out there, every style and taste can be catered to in creating truly unique and personal outdoor spaces.