How To Make Your Wardrobe Feel Bigger

8 years ago
2 minutes

If you are having difficulties fitting everything into your small wardrobe, don't fret, we’ve got exactly what you need to make your wardrobe feel and look bigger than it really is. 

While we would all love a walk in wardrobe the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and the City Movie, unfortunately that is not reality for us all. Every woman must deal with the size of the wardrobe they have. But don’t let a small wardrobe stop yo u from displaying all your beautiful belongings! 

Wardrobes are indeed the most challenging places to keep neat and tidy and clutter-free 24/7. All you need to do is maximise the space of your room as much as possible and keep it in order every day. 

Think outside the box, don’t just use the space in your closet… use the walls, the doors, open shelves, hang things on the back of your door, use a chest of drawers. 

On the inside of your wardrobe cupboards and on the walls of your bedroom, use command hooks to hang your jewellery, purses and hats on the wall. Take advantage of the naked walls. Instead of crowding your walls with artwork, do something funky and hang all your earrings in a row. Not only will this expand the look of your wardrobe to a wider area of your room, but it will also add some flavour to your walls. 

Behind the door, hang your scarves and bags, this will make your actual wardrobe less cluttered from the big things. 

Shelves are the way to go. Custom built shelving on your walls are a great way to maximise space, and are great for those on a budget. You also add height to your room! Group similar items together…e.g. line all your high-heeled shoes up in the same direction on one shelf, and line all your purses on the next shelf. 

Make sure you use the height of your wardrobe and room to its full extent. All the way from the floor where you can line up your shoes, to the ceiling where you can store winter clothes that you wont wear this summer and suitcases, which you can easily get up to reach with a footstool. Practical and looks uniform too.