How To Master A Vertical Garden

8 years ago
4 minutes

Vertical gardens are the perfect design and alternative for those living in limited spaces. You don’t need a big backyard to finally fulfil that beautiful garden look you’ve always dreamed of! All you need is an unused wall, a bare fence or some recycled furniture and you’re set to go. 

Hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular and trendy, and not only do they use space effectively but they can also be made in various styles. Remember, hanging gardens are much easier to maintain than a normal garden; you can have one on your terrace, balcony, backyard, fence or even in your kitchen. 

Hanging gardens are easy to install and a fun activity to do with a partner, your kids or a friend. Get creative! 

Here are a 10 fun ways you can jazz up your home with a hanging garden: 

Wooden Planks
Place around  three or four wooden planks on a blank wall, dividing them evenly in a vertical position. Drill holes into the wood, attaching pots with fishing line, allowing them to dangle; all you have to do is choose which of your favourite plants you want in. This way it is easy to switch over plants when needed, whilst still offering  a that is uniform and chic.

Don’t neglect those old gumboots that don’t fit anymore, but you love the pattern so you can’t bring yourself to get rid of them. Why not hang them on the fence filled with your favourite flowers. This way you add some colour to your fence or balcony with no cost! Definitely a fun one for the kids.

A wooden ladder is always an easy option for a vertical garden and is a great use of space. Neatly stack the pots on the rungs of the ladder (maybe glue them down), this requires less construction and easy to place against the wall both inside and out.

Recycle Time
If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers lying around, don’t throw them away! Fill the drawers with soil and your favourite plants, opening the drawers out to different lengths, so they can all be seen. This creates a stylish look for your terrace as well as saving you money.

Hanging Terrariums
Terrariums are the perfect way to create a mini garden anywhere! Used inside or out, hang some of your favourite plants in beautiful glass spheres from the ceiling.

Pouched Vertical Garden
This is one of the most popular systems for a hanging garden. It is cheap and easy, and all you need is a thick cloth! Simply hang it on your balcony railing,  add a pouch  then add your most-loved plants - told you, it’s easy!

Bottle Garden
Have you got any old water or soda bottles lying around? Why not use them? Just clean and empty the plastic bottle, tie them together with string, cut a hole in the centre of the bottle and place  a nice sunflower or orchard  inside. There you have it- the perfect recyclable hanging garden that looks funky and fresh!

Leaning Book Shelf
Mount an old book shelf into a crafty vertical garden by hanging the pots off the side. Even paint the pots different colours for a more vibrant, summer feel.

Sky Planters
Boskke sky planters are awesome for hanging above the kitchen bench. These gravity defying ceramic planters hang upside down, perfect for above the kitchen bench filled with your favourite herbs! They feature a small internal irrigation systems and locking discs so that the plant and soil are both secure when hanging upside down! Not only do they look awesome but they make your life easier when cooking.

Kitchen Garden
make your kitchen look ravishing, lush and green by using an old cupboard and fill the shelves with your different pots, plants and flowers. 

Finally the householde can have that open space while getting that lush green wall effect for summer!