How To Meditate At Home

8 years ago
2 minutes

Have you ever called your IT department with a problem with your computer, and they ask if you ‘have turned it off and on again?’ and the problem fixes itself? Well, think of meditation like that; people doubt its ability, but when they do it, they realise that it is a reliable option for a problem.

Everyone needs a place to retire and escape to when the daily stresses of life overrule us. 

Having a devoted space to peace and tranquility in your own home can keep you balanced to help clear your mind, restore your body and heal your soul. 

So why not create a sacred space for meditation in your home? 

Centre yourself in a place that you are familiar with and trust. Choose an environment in your home, inside or out, which is simple and spacious, where you can escape, but also a space where you will not be distracted. In the end, meditation is a practice that helps clear the mind, so don’t expect to get it the first time.

To have a room like this of your own lends you the opportunity to recharge your body with meditation. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • A quiet and reposeful area that is spacious, makes you happy and has access to natural light and fresh air. 
  • Some meditative music, to rid the noise of traffic and your inner voice; to help ground yourself in peaceful thoughts. Meditation truly does have the power to change the way our brains work. 
  • A spacious area with no distractions, keep the things in the room minimal. 
  • A yoga mat, some cushions, a small table, some flowers and sea shells to keep the environment calm and friendly. 
  • Candles and incense to aid in the healing and therapy process.
  • You don’t have too be buddhist to meditate, images of Buddha are usually adhered to those who follow the way of life, so refrain from using him as inspiration, unless you really mean it.
  • A window or a door, so that you have access to fresh air. 

Meditation is a form of therapy which stimulates brain function and keeps us calm and tranquil. By having a meditative room in your own home, this will help you to eliminate any stresses of every day life and keep you grounded and balanced in your thoughts. 

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