How To Move In With Your Partner

8 years ago
3 minutes

So you’re used to the single life – sleeping spread eagle, leaving your dirty clothes on the floor, and leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

But your partner is moving in next week, so all that is about to change.

You’ll have to share everything, and and you might even lose more than you bargained for.

So here are the top five tips to staying sane as your partner moves in.

A relationship works on compromise, living together does as well

Your partner has moved into your home, and it is going to interrupt your current system. No longer are you a one-man wolf-pack, you now have to be considerate of someone else. Compromise on some things, but don’t let it define your space. If you’re a 2pac addict, don’t let your partner coerce you into taking that limited edition signed poster from 1998 down.

Conversely, try not to completely negate any suggestions your partner may have upon moving in. If he or she suggest getting a larger bin, or not leaving pizza out, then take it into account, and for the sake of your relationship, do it – chances are your partner is right!


Set the rules of the playground early – specifically with which side of the bed is yours

Set some ground rules – if you’ve got a nice indentation on the right side of the bed, then don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, there is no point throwing everything into complete chaos – if it doesn’t go down well, continually resort to the use of the word ‘compromise’.

Do not label something as yours, as you really should be sharing, but instead have a section in the cupboard and fridge that are just your ‘snacks’ for a rainy day, or after a night on the town.


Leave some space for the two of you

Living together has wonderful moments, but it can also present some confronting and frustrating ones as well. Since you are now living together, small flaws or habits that annoy you are magnified and exaggerated.

So it is important, if you can, to have your own little space in your home that is yours – be it an office, a study or an area where you do your knitting. These personal spaces will keep you sane and offer a space to reflect.


Don’t go too hard too early, treat moving in together seriously

It’s a marathon not a sprint- so don’t feel pressured to be something you are not. Let the relationship grow organically, and don’t instantly buy a dog – let things grow organically.

Unless you are racing against the fertility clock, take the move seriously, and understand that it is a step forward in your relationship.


And finally, sometimes you’ve just got to let things slide

If you’ve decided to split kitchen space evenly, or if there is a strict refrigerator shelving system, and your partner seemingly creeps into your area by necessity, let it slide.