How To Pick The Best Finishes For Your Apartment

8 years ago
3 minutes

When it comes down to the final decisions to perfect your home's interiors, it is easy to get frustrated and nervous.

The difficulty of choosing the best finishes can make or break the overall  aesthetic of your apartment and may even effect the success of your investment. 

Everyone has a dream and a vision of what their apartment will look like when it’s complete, but the question is, how do we turn this into reality? 

Finishes can range from paint colours to tiles to stone bricks to wood skirting to windows to plastering to carpet to wooden floors; as you can see, the responsibility can be overwhelming. 

To select the colours and final touches of your home, you have to stop and have a good brainstorm before you start anything.

Look at your surrounding space and be inspired by this. Not just the space of your apartment but also the views, the location and the area you live in. Ultimately, the better your understanding of a space, the better the end product will be - which should in turn, make you happier.

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Do you live in the heart of the CBD, in the leafy suburbs of the East, or is your apartment on Melbourne’s renowned Bayside? 

Are you a city person, that likes to conform to the everyday modern lifestyle surrounded by silver and charcoal? Does a high-tech way of life suit you? 

All these surrounding factors must be taken into account, so that the finishes of your apartment also fit in with the location of your home,you must look at the whole and bigger picture.

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A complete comprehension of your space as it is, such as location, views and density, as well as what you want your apartment to be in the future, should be the continuing points of reference throughout all the aesthetic choices you make.

If you have furniture already, these samples will help you decide whether you need to adapt the furniture to your finishes, or the other way around. A point of note; furniture is easily changed, finishes are not.

Seek inspiration from magazines, books, online sources, showrooms or display suites. 

You must know what works in your apartment and with your style; so select appropriate colours that will speak your taste when guests enter each room. 

If you want to be far more daring, consult an interior designer for peace of mind.

While it is great to ask for others opinions, make sure you stick with your gut feeling and what you want your apartment to look like at the final stage. With too many viewpoints running through your head, you may just  become confused; leading to an apartment of a variety of looks, but no real personality.