How to pick your dream home

5 years ago
3 minutes

Have you decided 2019 is the year you’ll find that home you’ve been dreaming of?

If you’re ready to buy a block of land and build a home that’s perfectly designed for you and your family’s needs, you’ll want to avoid the many pitfalls that you could encounter if you don’t undertake the right preparation. Read on…

Have a clear list of deal breakers Whether it’s a big backyard, butlers pantry, or a bathroom for everyone (extravagant!), you cannot begin the search for your future home unless you have defined what that home needs to have for you to be happy living in it. Shopping, even for something as big and complex as a home, is a whole lot easier with a clear shopping list.

It can be very easy to get emotional about what home you choose, and this can potentially cloud your judgement about the practical aspect of your decision. That’s why you need a list of things your new home simply has to have.

Be ruthless with this list, and don’t let anything get through, otherwise, you may find yourself regretting it in years to come. Sure, you may have to compromise on something – but without clarity on the key deal breakers, you could end up compromising on a whole lot more.


Don’t skimp on the research A home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime so it’s essential you research what’s available. View as many home product pages online as you can, from as many builders.

The more you know, the more chance you’ll have of choosing the right builder/package. And you’ll have more peace of mind knowing you have made the right decision. It’s bad enough finding a better hotel room than the one you just put a deposit on – imagine that happening with your new home!


Plan for the future If it’s likely you’ll be living in your new home for some time, remember to plan for your future needs. Adding an extra room is far easier and less expensive at the planning and building stage than adding an extension later.

If a bigger family is on the cards, choose a house that will provide enough space. Do you plan on working from home? Make sure there’s a study. Think you’ll expand from a one-car family to two? Ensure the garage can accommodate this.

So long as you don’t overstretch yourself financially, It’s far better to build a house you’ll grow into.

Visit the display suites When it comes to truly getting a feel for a home, nothing beats walking around a completed display. It’s the only way you’ll have an actual experience in which you can imagine living in a particular design.

A display suite visit is also the best way to get a good look at those fissures and finishes close up. No need to trust the brochures when you can touch and feel the benchtops, carpets and timber flooring yourself.

Many people also have a pretty good sense of when a home feels right for them. Walk into a display and you’ll know when you walk into a display home whether it just seems right for you.

Good luck with your search! Our development listings are a great place to start.