How to refresh your apartment for summer

7 years ago
4 minutes
We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but in fact most of us don’t get around to it until, well, about now. And because we want all of you to enjoy your apartment lifestyle as much as possible, we’ve put together our the following tips for refreshing your apartment ready for summer.
Flowers and Greenery
There’s no doubt one of the easiest ways to refresh your apartment is with the addition of plants or flowers. Freshly cut flowers instantly lift the mood of a home and add a natural element to your living space.
If you like the idea of getting more value for your money, switch out the fresh flowers in place of a potted plant. Variegated leafy plants such as Moon Valley, Watermelon Pilea and even the humble Spider Plant will give you indoor colour that lasts.
You might also like to combine the greenery with functionality and have some fresh herbs in your apartment. Just a small pot or two of basil, parsley or thyme can add a nice homely touch whilst also being handy for cooking.


Fresh Pillows
Not to get too gross on you, but the ‘aromas’ in your bedroom can permeate the rest of your apartment all too easily and stop it from feeling summery, particularly if your apartment is of the compact variety. That’s why it’s a good idea to wash your pillow every six months or so, and better still, replace it every year. 
There are also a host of health reasons why pillow replacement is a good thing, not least of which is the bacteria that can build up in them. The average pillow contains around 350,000 live bacteria colonies! Some manufacturers like Tontine actually print a recommended replacement date on their pillows, so take the hint and lay your head on a fresh one as soon as possible – you’ll feel all the better for it. Whilst you’re at it, give your mattress a good airing.



Bathroom Cabinet Clearout
This is one that is often overlooked, yet can make a huge difference to the busiest points in you day. Clearing out your bathroom cabinet and exposed shelving can streamline your whole morning routine. It also helps with a fresh summer mindset across the whole of your apartment, given it’s usually the room in which we begin and end every day.
Start by emptying everything out and go through a thorough screening process before putting anything back. First, check all medications, creams, ointments and other concoctions for expiration dates and ditch accordingly. Next, throw out anything that hasn’t been touched since last autumn. Organise grouped items by shelf (or mark your territory by organising his and hers shelves if you can do so) to help maintain ongoing order. 
Finally, treat yourself with a trip to your favourite discount chemist and stock up on fresh supplies of the things you love. When you can find everything you need, fully stocked and fast every morning, you can look forward to a summer where every day starts off on the right foot.
Kitchen De-Clutter
It’s all too easy for your apartment’s kitchen to become a cluttered mess. From the piles of receipts on the fridge door to the stack of takeaway coffee trays you’re saving ‘just in case’, your kitchen is probably crying out for some summer loving.
Get ruthless. Clear all exposed shelves and surfaces of literally everything that doesn’t belong in a kitchen. Empty out cupboards of all expired food and ingredients. If you can also clear out enough shelf space to have a cookbook or two on display, your kitchen will feel more like a kitchen. 
If you have kitchen appliances like toasters or mixers out on display but rarely use them, consider finding a cabinet spot to tuck them away, freeing up bench space. The more bench space you can see the tidier and calmer your kitchen will feel. Anything that makes you feel like cooking at home more is a good thing in our book. Invest in a couple of fresh summer tea towels to hang off your oven door handle and you’re done.


So, there you go. Follow at least some of the above tips and your apartment will be in a much tidier and healthier state for summer.

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