How To Save Energy In The Warmer Months

8 years ago
3 minutes

This summer, let’s keep those energy bills down. As Melbourne’s heat begins to kick off, it is important to be prepared and in a cost-effective way. 

Keep your windows, curtains and doors shut and closed

When the heat-wave of summer arrives, shut all doors and close all curtains or shutters in the house to keep the cool air in and stop the heat from entering. This will reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a consistent temperature inside. Ensure your air conditioner is clean and serviced so it does not use as much energy. 

Layer Yourself

On a cooler night, layer yourself with clothes, add an extra blanket on your bed, or invest in a hot water bottle, instead of switching on the heater. Avoid using it, and if you are that tempted, be sure not to turn the heater above 20 degrees celsius, as every degree above twenty can add up to 10% to your heating bill.

Conserve energy

The living room is usually full of energy users. How many power boards are switched on in your living room, and how many of them are you actually using? Did you know TVs, DVD players, computers, phone chargers and televisions all use energy even when they are turned off? Stop standby power waste, and keep your switches turned off.

For those on a strict budget

In the kitchen, there are numerous ways to cut some extra dollars off those energy bills. Microwaves use less energy than the oven, so try to avoid roasts this summer! For meat, try and thaw it from the freezer that morning, rather than having to use the microwave to defrost food. When cooking on the stovetop, use lids on the pots to reduce the amount of time and energy used. Don’t boil the water on the stove, but rather save energy by using an electric kettle for the boiling water. 

Many people seem to turn on the dishwasher when its simply half-full, but this isn't going to save you energy, money or time. If anything the inconvenience of having to stack and unstack the dishwasher three times a day, rather than once a day should be a deterrent in itself.  

Washing clothes uses a lot of energy. Let’s try to do every wash on cold water, only when the load is full. When drying them, avoid the dryer. Don’t be lazy, hanging out clothes on the line only takes 5 minutes!

Make everything lighter

Around the house, install energy efficient light bulbs to save energy. When you just need a small amount of light to read a book, use a lamps instead of the main lights, you will definitely notice a difference in the electricity bill!