How To Style Your Apartment All-White

8 years ago
3 minutes

It is time to treat and approach your interiors like fashion.

White is never a boring colour, it is a dramatic statement colour that will make your home shine with elegance as well as give the illusion of space.

Decorating an all white home is the perfect way to define a space in a truly beautiful and sophisticated manner.

The clean and modern look of an all white home evokes purity, cleanliness and sterility.

Remember, white is always in fashion. 

The all white look and the absence of colour indeed elicits a dichotomy of opinions.

But don’t be afraid to decorate an all white room.

There are hundreds of shades of whites, and that is the beauty of this versatile colour.

The large range can take you from a warm white, to an ultra creamy to a traditional to a classic to a stark cool white.

The variety of whites will shock you when it comes to choosing which white paint, couch, carpet and furniture colour you want; milky white, warm white, cream white, chalky white, crisp white, grey white, latte white, cool white, ice white…the list goes on. 

You have to ask yourself, what is the best shade of white for my home? What is my perfect white? 

One can even consider combining several tones of whites to work in harmony.

This will help make your interior feel warmer and more inviting rather than clinical and cold. It can be cosy and warm or sophisticated, chic and uniform. 

With white you can accessorise with almost anything.

White pairs undoubtedly well with marble, wood, stainless steel, brass, copper and gold. It also works with any colour choice; can be paired with blacks and greys, or colours or browns and beiges.

Moreover, whites will help your other interiors such as artwork or decor pieces to stand out more. 

White opens up a room allowing us to add detail and showcase our interiors to look bigger and bolder. Start with painting a room white, this will create a blank canvas for anything before you start decorating. 

Using different types of whites create a dreamy escape for your home. Your guests will get lost in every shade. Try to add different patterns, textures and materials to add interest to your all-white scheme. 

Some say it is a risky colour as it shows dirt quickly and easily compared to other colours. While this may be true, it also depends on what type of fabric you’re choosing for your white piece, whether its faux leather for a couch or faux suedes or a white denim slipcover for homes with pets and kids which are easily washable. 

So don’t fear white…let it be lived in.